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The Peculiars

Let me tell you a story about a group of individuals, where differences are accepted and appreciated; where all the individuals can live out their full potential in the highest level with the greatest support.

As a result, they start to do incredible things out of the ordinary, and they have visions about the world, which can not be seen or understood by the 'normal'.

That group does not belong to any society, or nation. They are the ones out of the Matrix. But they are the ones who are truly free.

Let me tell you more about the One, who is leading them. She is the one, who is matured enough not to take orders and opinions from the norms. She has her strong foundation rooting deep down, much more deeper than norm can reach. The strong central can not be shaken by outside storms.

She is the one who is strong enough to handle the most dangerous situations and she is not afraid to sacrifice herself for the Truth.

She is the one who has the courage to stand against the whole army to protect the vulnerable, to protect the real values.

The Queen wont blown away by fear or the wind of manipulation.

The Queen wont take sides.

The Queen wont compromise her uniqueness, or the uniqueness of her protected ones.

The Queen wont give in.

The Queen will stand and deal even if it costs her life.

Because that is why she was chosen to protect the ones needs to protect the most.

A3, color pencil drawing, source: Peculiar

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