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The One who plants Eden

Do you want a see a Divine Masculine?

Watch him, and feel his pain. A real Man who endured hard work during his entire life to establish the Garden of Eden with 300 olive trees.

See the Magician, who planted seeds and watched them grow under his tender care.

See the Man who feels with full heart, who lives by his passion, who is led by his purpose and never gave up.

See Him, because he is from the tribe of OUR TRUE ORIGIN. He knows what is the responsibility what comes with the ownership of the land.

See him and feel his pain when the brutal patriarchy with zero values come and destroy the diamonds.

See him because acknowledging his loss is the key to reawakening the same roots of feeling in you.

See him because acknowledging his pain is the way to bring shadow to light, to bring the intention to support and rase the tribe which leads us back to Home.

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