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The Myth of Selkie

One of the great treasures of Celtic mythology is the Mermaid/Selkie legend since it gives deep psychological insight of the women’s psyche as Clarissa Pinkola Estes described it in her book called Women who run with the wolves. It is dealing with the trauma of disconnection from the original wild Self, from Mother Nature while the Society takes its part to lock all sources away. How many songs describe women either the loyal, silent wife who stands there doing nothing just waiting for her husband like Grace or songs sing about the crazy one who desperately begging for men to save her with a marriage (Laundry girl). But the Truth is none of this is even close to describe the ancient real heritage of a real Divine Feminine. The urgent call inside each of us came from the etheric source and it will errupt if the blockage does not get removed. Women are the most powerful source who have been chosen to bring souls to this world. They are not crazy for complaining to remove the chain. They do not need to be bind to anyone and definitely will not beg for an other chain. They do not want to be silenced, waiting for a male to solve their life, since most of their problem caused by those males. And while these males stand in the pedestal praising their achievement, actually the silenced woman (Grace) behind them was the one who went to the war and risked her life. What real Women wants are the real Man, who can help her get back her freedom to be free to be who she trully is and express herself from her ancient source without being attacked by those immature males. What she is looking for is the Man who has already found his true Self and has the courage to step up as a supporter, protector and equal partner creating a union, the greatest Wholeness and conquer the world where truth is locked away by the human ego.

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