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The Mystic and the Owl

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Have you ever heard the story about the Mystic and the owl? Let me tell you...

There was a great barn owl living in the forrest. Every night he flew above the forrest towards the sleeping village. He made several circles around while he got closer and closer to the ground level. He flew total silence on the window -level and followed his instinct and his special senses to find the place where he needed to visit. In this time he saw a shimmering light inside one of the house of the corner near the market place and he settled down on the windowsill. There was a woman inside sitting next to her sick son near the bed. The son was coughing hard and his face was red from the fever. The owl watched the little boy for a while. When the first sunbeam touched the surface he lifted up again. He flew above the tower of the church and went towards the hills. He made several circles above the mountains to find a little cottage hidden amongst the pine trees. He descended and flew through the open window. There was a nest in the corner, he gentle settled down and closed his eyes. He slept all day and woke up only when the skies changed colors and the darker purple outlined the orange. There was a little medicine bag just right on the edge of his nest. The aromas of the herbs inside indulged him. He picked up the bag and flew towards the village again. He looked for the small house with the little light in ithe window and settled down in the windowsill again. He placed the bag to the edge and waited. The aromas smoothly caught the senses of the mother, who stood up. The owl bow towards her spread his wings and raised up again, while the mum took the bag inside and placed it to the top of her son’s chest. It seized the coughing immediately. The owl watched the scene from a higher level and when the sunbeam arrived he flew back to his own nest.

And there was Mystic living in a little cottage among the Pine trees. She had knowledge and wisdom about all the herbs and she mastered the skills to connect with animals. Each night she had wonderful dreams flying above the village following a sacred instinct to know where is the need of her help.

A3, marker pen drawing

photo source: unknown

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