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The Masculine level beyond Patriarchy

Look Child. Over there... Up to the hill. He is sitting there so peaceful... He is watching and observing everything.... He is conscious. He knows... He feels. His heart and his brain are the balanced support for him.

He is waiting.

He knows that he has nothing to do with Patriarchy. He sees them and he feels sad for them. It is a shame of the population. Using force to fulfill their animal desire and using fear and screaming just to get their demands, ruling and abusing feminine... it is sad.

He is not here to fight with Patriarchy. He is an experienced warrior and he knows how to choose his battles wisely. He does not lower himself to get involved with primitive instinct.

He is as he is. He is the MAN, the Warrior, the Conscious, the Awareness. He is here to deal with the important issues and deal with the ones who recognize him.

He is a protector. He is the one who takes care of his own and guides with the inner wisdom of the Divine Feminine. That is why, he protects her the most. He appreciates the sacred source inside her. He knows that she is the living intuition and he needs her to be whole. She is his sacred home, where his Strength comes from. It is his sacred power. This is the power Patriarchy was always searching for, but never found it. Since it is given by heart and can not be taken by force.

With this power, he can make his peaceful Heaven on Earth to bring prosperity to all.

And he is waiting in silence while he aligns his forces. He is steady...

Look Child... He is approaching...

A3, marker pen drawing, photo source unknown

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