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The Man who stands

There are certain roles and characters in our Society, who gains influence over the world.

Some of them gains by their money or their position, but nobody dares to question the tools, which helped them to got there, or the actions they committed on the way there, or how many times they closed their eyes when they choose money and power above moral to propagate lies.

There are the ones who rather refuse to contribute to the 'Big Game with the Giants' and when it is to conflict with their moral code, they rather resigns and stands back from the public eyes but remains pure and free and gains influence because of their sacrifices and purity.

And there are only a few, who gains influence by playing clean all the way putting pure effort and resilience into the game and reach high with abundance. They do not have the intention to cross anyone, they just want to live their life and do their job, which is in that case their passion as well. These are the people we admire for the gift they have, and for the opportunity that they found the way to spend their life to do what they love the most and therefore their life is fulfilled.

And then comes the time when the paths of the power-sick crosses with the one living for the clean pure games and when it happens, it looks like Goliath finally found the right David, who has enough influence to get attention.

Saying 'the Emperor is Naked' needs extreme level of courage and purity, and even if it plays out just by action, the message is there and it can not be unmade.

The reaction? The same as it happened before. The Giant comes out and shows his real teeth and put whatever he left (power) to the front line and abuses it over the limit, in a desperate attempt to reclaim it.

Real Warriors do not want to fight, they are peace-lovers. They are always put into the situation what needs to be handled because they are the one who can.

There were several other players as well but only one more, a girl had the warrior-blood to stand up and follow her common sense in the midst of madness.