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The Man who knew how to make dreams come true

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

We all have dreams we wish to accomplish. These are the ones driving us from childhood and most of the time somehow they disappear on the way. May be they seem too big, too much, out of the liege, unable to reach.

There is a legend about a Man, who lived his dream and became one of the best basketball player of all time.

He had a dream when he was child. He believed that the life was his oyster and he could reach anything if he put enough efforts to it, even if it seemed impossible or out of liege. That was his plan.

He woke up every morning, and worked on that goal. Day by day, step by step. If he failed, he got back up and learnt from his mistakes, and tried again, and again till one movement became perfect. And he continued with the next one, and the next one. He used every opportunity life offered to him and he put his maximum in every single time. He did not save energy for a better occasion, he put everything to the moment. And he won. He became a legend.

He was 5times NBA Champion, NBA Most Valuable Player in 2008, 2 times scoring champion, 18times NBA All-Star, 4times NABA All-Star Game MVP, 15 times all-NBA team, 12times All-Defensive Team, All-Rookie Team, NBA Slam Dunk Contest Champion, 34-times player of the Month, Best NBA Player ESPY awards.

His name was Kobe Bryant, he left too soon. But while he was here among us, one thing was sure about him, he knew how to play the game life offered him always in the maximum.

"It is your job to find your passion and try to perfect it and make the canvas as beautiful as you can."

You made it brilliant Kobe.

R.I.P. Gianna and Kobe Bryant

A3, color pencil drawing

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