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The Lucifer Effect

Updated: Nov 22

Back in the Psychology University my favorite topic was Social psychology and I was eager to study how manipulation and programming works on people's mind. That was the time I heard about Zimbardo and his Stanford Experiment with the aim to investigate what happened back in Abu Ghraib prison, and how an average person turns into evil. In the short version he set up a prison scene inside the Univesity and randomly selected guards and prisoners from the volunteers. The experiment had to stop after 6 days!!! because of the extreme brutality what the guards allowed to themselves against the prisoners, whom - again - was selected randomly. I would say that if you interested you can find a lots of videos, studies about that experiment but why would you do that if you can see the whole Stanford experiment in real in front of your eyes right now playing out in big in Gaza. The only different is that it has not stopped after 6 days but... it has been playing out for the longest term ever.... for 75 years.

One of the most shocking experiences was watching how some of my 'spiritual love and light only' friends turned into a programmed robot and became unable to pronouns 'Pal-est-inian peo-ple' at all. They call it war but I do not see any pale-stinian army anywhere. I see only Iz-ra-elian army marching and killing civilians including kids, women, men, bombing hospitals, mosques, schools with the motto of chasing an invisible boogie man, while all the superpowers have intentionally stepped back waiting till a whole nation got wiped out and the area will be 'clean' to take the gas field and build their Nova City on the top of the murdered bodies.

The only problem what they did not count with is social media. They paid a lot for a powerful and expensive propaganda to implement a well-designed programme into people's mind and to silence several leaders of other countries but something unexpected started to show up under the surface, and it was bravery. It was the miscalculated 'human' factor what they discounted so eagerly right from the beginning. Who thought that couple of brave men and women would stand on the mid of the blood shed using their own camera to show the world the real face of Lucifer? And they tried to kill them...and lots of them has been killed right now while I am typing these sentences. But they made something extraordinary, they showed the bravest, brightest Souls to the world. They have shown hope and they have shown that the strongest force of Humanity is living inside the heart of the Palestinian People.

This post is dedicated to all the heroes whom have been killed during this massacre and for all those press personals who are standing face to face with death each day with a camera in their hands to show the world the truth behind the propaganda.





@sarimaansour - R.I.P.

@farah_omar - R.I.P. - was killed 40 min prior of publishing this post

@saleh_aljafarawi - R.I.P.

Ayat Al Khaddour - @ayatkhaddoura.vo - R.I.P.

Belal Jadallah - R.I.P

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