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The key of Hecate and the Queen of sword

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Archetypes.. these are the unclear underlying forms described by Carl Jung, which manifest many forms in our life. Jung called Anima - the group of all feminine forms.

Let's speak about the archetype of the wiser, older feminine intellect, the sharp-witted, principled, very perceptive, professionally distant, fair, funny, sophisticated, independent one.

The one who is upfront and honest.

'She wont suffer fools gladly, and if you are in the wrong, you can expect her to call you out on it without mincing her words'.

'She is the one who has already gone through a lot, knows suffering and loss and has gained much inner strength and wisdom from her experiences.'

'She is the one who will always defend those who cannot defend themselves.'

She can be counsel, teacher, guide and if you manage to win her to your side, she can be a powerful ally.

She is the one feminine form, which contains the most masculine elements inside, by connecting to others through intellectual understanding rather than an emotional one.

And she possesses the key.... the key, which opens Hades. She is the one, who knows and accepts the dark side as equal part of the whole and by mastering the skills of balancing it, she became the keyholder mistress of the whole world, with the power and ability to open the gate for all, which is locked away and hidden. The gatekeeper and guardian of the Balance.

A3, color pencil drawing

original photo from - - Margo Hanson

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