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The Holy Mountain

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

I have a special kind of personal ceremony I wish to speak about.

There is a mountain not so far from my house. To tell you the truth, that mountain was one of the reason I felt in love with this place at first sight.

When I have time and I feel to do so, I go up.

That simple place has a very powerful energy point and just being there and doing my "own gratitude" rites is completely enough to receive a higher blessing.

Sometimes it feels like I found a sacred connection and I can download easily everything. Sometimes my ego burst out and I imagine myself as a modern Moses coming down from the hill with two "apple" tablets and lots of downloads and web notes. But still it works and I am so grateful for that source.

I was there today and wondered how to write down the thematic of my "Back to the Druid Roots" program, which is so close to my heart but still it is much more intuitive guidance than written down concepts.

I was just sitting there and a whole system started to align in front of me, showing a step by step daily program of the aspects I truly passionate about.

Today, after "3 days-tour to the hill" I am celebrating the birth of the thematic of the "Back to the Druid Roots" women-empowerment program.

It is planned to be 7 days as 7 is the number of completion. Each day is assigned to a special aspects of the feminine energy based on the ancient worldwide feminine history, with certain tasks and rites to awaken the sensation, which is mostly connected to that aspect.

Here are the 7s:

1. The Gatherer/The Bone Collector/La Loba/ The Wolf Woman/Farkas Asszony

2. Soulskin/Seal Woman/Seer/Sourcerer/Morgain/A látó asszony

3. Coatlique/Woman of Solitude/The Earth Keeper/Guardian/A vigyázó

4. Ceridwen/Rainmaker/Woman of Rebirth, transformation, manifestation/Az Alkotó

5. La Mariposa/The Butterfly Woman/Wild Woman/Worrior/Pillangó kisasszony

6. Wise Wasilisa/The Council/A bölcs asszony

7. Pachamama/Gaia/The Earth Mother/Unconditioned Love/Anyaföld

What's left is to go back to the mountain...

Till then...

Blessed Be...

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