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The hidden treasures in ASC

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

The level of conscious and its working principles were always popular themes of interest. It may be triggered by the universal question 'why are we here on Earth and what is the purpose of it.'

We can speak about Lucid Dreams, Near Death Experience (NDE), Psychedelics, Breathing Techniques, Meditation, Hypnosis... etc... All of these methods bring us to a different level of experiencing, and show us an other aspect of that universal questions.

Metzner stated in his book called Ecology of Consciousness, that there are two main reasons why we turn into the process of altering our state of conscious. One of them is the requirement of healing and the other is to access higher guidance.

What is the real shocking experience with it, which keeps us on the edge?

One of the most shocking and unbelievable gift in it, is the ability to take you out of the linear-timeline and show you something much more bigger to understand. It shows you a spiral timeline which rhythmic circles allows you to grab visions from past or future.

In case of your healing inquiry, it takes you back to relive the trauma again with a help of your guide and the help of your much more mutual self.

But it can take you to the future as well and can show you something about your ability, which you did not managed to figure out yet. In that case it gives you a dose of inspiration and motivation to go forward and open up your life for an other direction.

It does not only do that stretching with the time-line, but also does it with our space-frame. Astral projection is a theme of several sci-fi moves and it is too much to imagine in everyday life sets, however the idea gives a brief summary how can someone experience and see things happening somewhere without his/her actual presence.

The sacred plant 'Ayahuasca' for example is said to be able to guide you through your certain life-experience from an other angle to help you understand the behind reasons and to lead you to forgiveness.

There is a specific area closely connected to time and space frame changing, and it is called the 'remote viewing.' This special area is investigated by military forces and CIA as it has the ability to give sight into happenings and events out of your own experience. Since it requires objective mindset from the observer.