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The Golden Era of Celtic Ireland

Once upon a time there was a unique tribe in Ireland, which provided advisers and leaders for the community. The members of that tribe were mostly women, selected in their early age based upon their talents, skills, and intelligence, and hardly trained and taught for decades by sacred doctrines. They were scholars of a sacred Mystery schools mastering several topics like Arts, Dialectics, Natural Science, Geography, Medicine and Herbs, Astrology.

They were taught to recognize patterns: in history, in politics, in warfare, in human behavior the same way as in nature, in animal behavior, in seasons and stars.

They were trained hard to endure deep pain and to expand their boundaries to awaken and sharpen their senses. They were taught to follow a very strict discipline to learn to observe and control emotions, thinking and find the way to harmonize and become the master of them.

They learnt to read the signs of animals, herbs, the trees, the weather the same way as their own organs.

They were taught about the sacred codes and teachings about the 4 basic elements and the sacred alchemy of the creation of the philosopher stone.

There were lots of dropouts.

But whoever reached the final stage, had their senses so sharp, that they were able to slow down or speed up their own heartbeat, change their body temperature or their blood pressure by their will.

They were able to conjure energy and heal with their hands.

They were able to oversee political matters and draw correct strategy which gives solution in wars.

They were able not only to recognize the patterns in all field but also to draw a map among these fields and find the secret key of interconnectedness and they gain the power to conjure elements.

They were assigned to be advisor of the kings, leaders of the community. They were powerful, and humble, leading from behind, never seek attention.

They called them the DRUIDS.

Photo source: Megan Ricketts

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