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The Eyes of the Seer

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

She saw. First she just saw her surroundings but from outside. She saw the furniture around, the room, and herself engaging with the marble. It was like she held a tiny golden string came from her inside, and it let her get out of her body. She looked at herself down under and looked around in a wider circle.

She practiced it for a while and the golden string let her farther and farther in each trial. She saw the house from above, the people walking on the street, the traffic, the roads. She could visited her loved ones too. It was enough to concentrate on the love she felt towards them, and a kind of rainbow-bridge appeared, created by the wave of emotion, and it led her straight to the ones.

On the other day she used that golden string and expanded it down under. She imagined a large tree and she slowly descended on the roots. When she ascended, she saw herself in different times in the past. She saw her younger self, her school-age, her toddler years. She could stop in certain memories and rewind it till she was able to see it without emotional burden and till she was able to forgive to all others and also to herself.

On the other days she expended that golden string to beyond. She imagined that large tree and she led that golden string to go far above over the top. She saw herself with all the various realities matching with her character with possible interactions and outcomes. She saw roads have not ridden yet.

And sometimes she just stayed with that large tree and expanded her arms around it like the biggest hug she could do, and she just felt... everything... all the people, all the animals, all the livings, all the plants, all the stones, all the happiness, all the sorrow, all the pain, all the pleasure. And being there and love it all was the only task she could do, and it was completely enough. It was perfect just like that.

#divination #expandedconsciousness #alchemy #metzner

A3, color pencil drawing, photo source: unknown

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