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The End of an Era

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

There was a Tower. It was huge and strong, standing in the center of the world just as it wanted to reach the sky, or... from a farther distance it seemed that the Tower was trying to win a kind of imaginary competition to be the biggest and the most powerful one on the whole planet. It wanted admiration and it demanded complete obedience and for that it was not afraid to use any kind of violence against anyone who thought things differently.

The Tower was being built for thousands of years by high-positioned, autocratic figures. The structure gave everyone a well-defined place where the person needed to live and work and do whatever was said to do.

But underground, deep down, beneath the foundation of the Tower, there was the Sacred Magma, the Seed of the Earth, waiting in stillness and warming up.

The Tower was full of pride and arrogance, and its own greatness blinded him so well that it was incapable to notice the cracking appeared on the wall.

That Ancient Magma was still waiting. The Womb which nurtured and held up the Tower for so long had the utmost patience. She knew that it had to happen. She knew that people needed to experience and learn from distorted structure.

She had a plan.

She knew that aggression breeds aggression.

She knew that there is an other way.

She knew that the Big Fallos denies the Truth so blindly that his arrogance will be his destiny.

She knew that changes without bringing meaningful qualities would be useless.

She knew that for the change the initiation started from within from the place of understanding by conceiving a vision.

She knew that true qualities needs time to grow and plenty of love.

She knew that it would be the opportunity for the Humanity.

So She was patently waiting.

And the New Era was at the door, waiting for the right time to step in.

And the Dawn has come...

A3, marker pen drawing, photo source: unknown

#tarot #tower #crackingthephilosopherstone #ancientmagma #sacredfeminine #eresz

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