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The distorted men's strategy

Since my staying in Ireland I recognized some kind of disturbing patterns, what kept repeating and playing out every time in a 3 steps maneuver.

It comes like this. A man occurs showing some kind of interests towards me and starting flirtish behavior. But when I decide to give it a chance to have a conversation and find out how deep he has experienced his consciousness and how much he figured out of his true self and his purpose or his unique place in the world, all of a sudden, a man blocks me out and withdraw. Than comes the 'best friend' figure as a next step, who came out of the blue and attacks me for no reason and starts to act like some kind of guardian of him pretending that I am some kind of intruder from which he needs to protect him. And than comes the crazy chix at last- the kind of low level, stuck in astral realms - the one screaming and wining and attacks me again and shows a kind of possession over the male just like in the animal kingdom.

So let me be clear: 1) If you - girl - are in a mission to check out the conscious level of that guy, and he goes into playing out that highly toxic abusing traditional cycle, that is a highest alert of the complete lack of critical thinking skills and I guess you have your answer about his conscious level. 2) If his friend attacks you - well it is a case of criminal record and you should call the police, because that is pure abuse. 3) Woman attacking another woman is a shame of the whole Feminine Society and shows a highly disturbed individual with a complete lack of civilized behavior. If the man does not deny her at the very first moment, you girl must leave immediately and let him have 'it', let her torture him for the rest of his life because if he can be taken by garbage, he deserves to be taken by garbage and he MUST learn his lesson. 4) I still have no idea what is the intention of this play and what they expect from the woman as a reaction. If they expect that the woman will break down and burst into tears begging to stop that because she cannot leave without this man and she would do everything to keep him, now that is not a woman. That is a DOG. So go to a shelter and buy one for yourself. We, real Women, do not need toxicity at any level. We just go ahead, cut that toxic shit out of our life and live happily alone ever after since we have already found our True Self and it is what makes us whole not a lost boy.

Real Woman is the holder of the Saint Grail and despite the fact how patriarchy tortured and taken away all the real values of us, real woman wants a MAN who is aware of his own True Self and comes and claims her showing up with all the protecting and providing ability and not just sits there silently and let the community destroys a lady in front of him in the name of a sick, highly toxic tradition. #heretohelp #letsbreaktoxictraditions #restoredivinefeminine #theendofthepatriarchy #callfordivinemasculine

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