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The darkest hour

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Sometimes I have doubts if I can write about something bad or negative.

Lots of people encouraged me to write my story what happened with me in ME but how can I write it? First I have to face with it again what is a heavy package to pack out, and second I have that feeling that I will be stigmatized as the one, who has issues with PTSD.

We are living in a world of ‘positive psychologists’ and ‘terrorists’. There are the happy people who considers only the good things and turns blind eyes towards everything else which can risk their ‘happy mental states’ and there are the bad news deliverers speaking about crimes all the time. Sometimes it feels like there is no bridge between this two different mind-sets, as they are living in two different worlds, not even considering each other as an existing entity.

Maybe I am wrong, but I believe the whole life is played in the field, so called ‘grey area’ where both can happen. Both the terrible, both the beauty and a lots of other things in-between this two end-scale. But while we are unable to acknowledge the fact that ‘being not-ok’ is acceptable, we can not embrance LIFE as a whole.

I heard the news about Sri Lanka and it is shocking. Facing that kind of huminity who kills for no reason still exists, even if we try to act it is not happening and try to concentrate just only the positive things.

But it is time to turn our eyes to both sides and see it as it is, and allow ourselves to experience both even if it means to experience pain.

This post is dedicated to all in Sri Lanka, experiencing that dark-side of humanity right now. It is real unfortunately, it is not ok, it is bad. Hang on there and keep on going. In the deepest darkness there are special treasures hidden only for the ones who can go through it.

photo source: unknown

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