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The Company you keep

Strong man rather walks alone than goes with a company who’s standards are questionable. It is because of the simple knowledge that the essence of the group will make an energetic signiture in all participants and it is just like dirt difficult to remove. Strong man has his own unique, unquestionable Code Of Honor and his own unique entry code for the Source. He does not need outside source to tell him what to think, where to go, what to do. He is the Master and Creator of his own life and there is nothing on Earth which can take him out of his true alignment to his Self. While he is whole as he is, he is happy to join to anyone who desires his present to share knowlegde and contribute to growth, as far it is respected and welcomed.

The weak men join to any kind of group, no matter how low are the standards, since they did not develope their own source and being alone with themselves is the biggest threat of all. They are affraid of meeting their true self as they are afraid of not belong to the group identity. They are a complete loss without the group since their identity based on borrowed conditions. That is how the weak man disappears and becomes the mass used by anyone for any reasons. T.S.Evita Art #groupidentity #SocialConditioning #trueself #masshypnosis

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