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The brilliant mind behind the famous smile

Hedy Lamar was one of the most iconic women figure in Hollywood in 'her age'. And when I say in her age, I mean the age when women are sellable as a product. Because as it can be seen in human history, in the Patriarchal world 'age' is something what is subject to expire, especially if you are feminine. As soon as you reach the bridge, they drop you out just like if you were an unwanted trash. As it happened with her and so many other women.

The sex-symbol, the Feminine Fatale, all men dreams she was and nobody wanted more than her outlook, nobody cared more either, till she got expired and dismissed.

That was the era when women roles were split between being a decoration or a kitchen staff, and there was the advanced level to become an incubator but nothing else.

There was no way to be interested her personality, her mind or her Soul.

And her mind was definitely one of a kind. She was the ONE, who discovered secured WIFI, GPS, and Bluetooth.

While everyone was amazed by her look on the big Screen, her favorite secret activity was scientific research and she had done it so well that her research's results got attention and got locked from the audience straight away for decades. Her discovery went not only unnoted but hidden. Her offiicial job was nothing else just to be beautiful to 'release men's mind, instead of giving them more trouble'.

"Smile honey and say whatever is written there nothing more".

So whatever she contributed to the whole Humanity was stolen from her, used without any kind of recognition. And as soon as she aged above the limit, she was kicked from Hollywood's market and got forgotten.

The ERA was described as when women roles were split between being a decoration or a kitchen staff, and may be an incubator in an advanced level.

How much has changed since then?

We can say we live in an era of a different time but if we really want to make it different, it is on us. We are living in a crisis, where everything is about centralization, controlling power and raising the Patriarchal forces as much as they can force us.

WE need more than ever that rejected Feminine-essence to bring back the balance.

There are plenty of Hedy Lamars among us waiting for recognition for who we really are, for the brain we have, for the true personality we live, and for the great Soul who shines through our shell we call body. We have what the Patriarchy do not. We have the strongest resilience which we accumulated during the hundreds years of repression.

It is our turn to shine, it is our turn to bring back something, which got forgotten on the way. To bring back the feminine presence, the strong-minded, caring, loving personality, which is able to unite all the Souls and give birth to a better future.

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