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The 'Being nice' trap

One of the biggest lessons in my life is the mistake to be too nice. I believed in the idea that you treat the janitor and a CEO with the same respect. The really hard lesson in this that it does not matter if it is a janitor or a CEO, both of them take advantage of you, step over you and humiliate you if you do not show strength. For some reason showing kindness in this world has a false label of weakness and jealousy can take people so far that they are able to step out of their role, drop their masks and reveal themselves in a way what would be terrifying but liberating in the same time if you have the resilience to hold your ground.

So hear me right. Love is always the answer. But also resistance, strength, integrity and boundaries…. Oh yes, strong healty boundaries. After all, your behavior speaks about you, as their behavior speaks about them.

So Hold Your Ground my Darling, it is Sacred.

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