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The 'Atlantis-project' interview

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

There are lots of myths and legends about an ancient culture, Atlantis, existed long time before our civilization. They were equipped with the highest advanced technology, they were able to establish trans-galactic communication with other Planets, and they were able to modify time and switch back and forward among dimensions. It was like an ancient Paradise, where power and love were balanced and where elders were able to download knowledge straight from the Akashic records. But according to some sources, human nature's thirst for power destroyed the whole civilization.

There were other legends, which were speaking about an other ancient nation, Lemuria, which had been existed even before Atlantis. These sources believed that Lemuria was ruled by Love, the Absolute Love, the Oneness and Lemuria was destroyed by Atlantis. Other sources claimed that Lemuria had no war with Atlantis, on the contrary Lemuria had chosen Atlantis and had given to them all the knowledge before it was perished. Either way both ancient high-level civilization was perished by water.

What had really happened over there? Was it a misuse of power? And what is the message for us through that ancient legend?

I had the pleasure to establish a transatlantic connection with my great friend, Yuchen Cheng, the Owner of the Incaland Healing, Psychic and Cancellor of Spellbox, who made her own deep research about Atlantis and accepted my request to share her unique vision about the topic.

  • What was the cause of the perish of these great Civilizations?

It was the issue of the misuse of power, when the manipulation of power were gone extreme.

Earth is ruled by duality. Everything what is coming out of Oneness, lives in duality. Even Lemuria and Atlantis were ruled by the same duality but in a different form. Some in the 4. or 5. Dimensions and some in the 3. Dimension.

But there is no right or wrong here. They did not know what was the limitation, how the Earth could handle such a power. There was no evil intention in it, just misuse of power.

  • If Lemuria represented the Oneness and the Absolute Love, and Atlantis represented the Power, can