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The 'Atlantis-project' interview

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

There are lots of myths and legends about an ancient culture, Atlantis, existed long time before our civilization. They were equipped with the highest advanced technology, they were able to establish trans-galactic communication with other Planets, and they were able to modify time and switch back and forward among dimensions. It was like an ancient Paradise, where power and love were balanced and where elders were able to download knowledge straight from the Akashic records. But according to some sources, human nature's thirst for power destroyed the whole civilization.

There were other legends, which were speaking about an other ancient nation, Lemuria, which had been existed even before Atlantis. These sources believed that Lemuria was ruled by Love, the Absolute Love, the Oneness and Lemuria was destroyed by Atlantis. Other sources claimed that Lemuria had no war with Atlantis, on the contrary Lemuria had chosen Atlantis and had given to them all the knowledge before it was perished. Either way both ancient high-level civilization was perished by water.

What had really happened over there? Was it a misuse of power? And what is the message for us through that ancient legend?

I had the pleasure to establish a transatlantic connection with my great friend, Yuchen Cheng, the Owner of the Incaland Healing, Psychic and Cancellor of Spellbox, who made her own deep research about Atlantis and accepted my request to share her unique vision about the topic.

  • What was the cause of the perish of these great Civilizations?

It was the issue of the misuse of power, when the manipulation of power were gone extreme.

Earth is ruled by duality. Everything what is coming out of Oneness, lives in duality. Even Lemuria and Atlantis were ruled by the same duality but in a different form. Some in the 4. or 5. Dimensions and some in the 3. Dimension.

But there is no right or wrong here. They did not know what was the limitation, how the Earth could handle such a power. There was no evil intention in it, just misuse of power.

  • If Lemuria represented the Oneness and the Absolute Love, and Atlantis represented the Power, can we speak about them as the ancient representation of the Feminine and Masculine Energy and can we speak about real balance between Power and Love?

  • Also if Lemuria representing the Oneness and the Feminine Energy, can we speak about feminine hierarchy within Oneness?

All the Energies: both Feminine and Masculine is coming from LOVE. And right now, in our time we are working on this union.

But for this union, we need a structure. The structure provides the stability. That is the Masculine Energy.

While Feminine Energy provides nurturing, without structure it can go to the extreme level and can end up in violence as well. Just think about a child without clear principles.

Love does not mean no limit. Love in the third dimension also need help from the power side, it needs structure.

It is more about balancing and letting the Feminine and Masculine Energy to live in its highest level of expression.

I would rather say that the feminine side is not love but much more nurture, as Love is the absolute quality, which covers them all. Love is everything. Love is Oneness. Feminine Energy is the nurturing, and Masculine Energy is the power. But both Energy has it's higher octave and lower octave, or higher level expression and lower level expression.

The Atlantean and Lemurian Energies are living in each one of us, who are connected to it. We both have Atlantean and Lemurian memories.

So for us to balance and uplift or transmute that energy from the lower expression to a higher expression, both Feminine and Masculine Energies need to be guided by Love. And Love will guide the use of Power and the use of Nurturing.

Energy is Power. Without it we don't have electricity. Our fire and wind are our nature power. Are we gonna think that fire and wind are not good?

No. Fire, when it is used right, can warm us. Fire, when it is used wrong, can burn whole cities down. So Power is not right or wrong. It is how you use it. And it is coming down to human choice. It is how we using our physical body to decide what to do.

It is on us, how we gonna interpret that misuse of power, how we gonna balancing it instead of blaming on them. It depends on us, how we gonna bring back the light, and how we try our best to express that higher level of Power and Nurturing.

That is the real job in focus on today's world. That is what the lightworkers and many other people are working on right now at the moment.

But we need to have a pure intention not to manipulate it by thinking that 'Oh, I hate that and I have to repress it.'

No. We do not need to fight against anything.

Do not let your past hold you back. The past is just an experience for us to review. It is a movie like a documentary. But it is not for us to have a fear about it, or to have a feeling against it.

No. The past is already a shadow.

When we are fighting with it, we are giving meaning to that shadow and it will take life. Do not give attention to it. Just say 'I know, I am aware of it, but I know where I am in my own progress.'

And towards the owner of those moments, who has done you wrong, you can consciously choose to express Feminine and Masculine higher level Energy.

It is very powerful to purely put the intention to the now and leap towards the future.

You have Free Will. You are way beyond your skeleton body. You can choose among experiences and you can put yourself back to the shell to see how it is working out.

The reason why I gave myself an experience is

1) I have never tried that before

2) I am happy to help

And I will take the responsibility for my decision. But even if I make a mistake, it is fine. It will not gonna destroy my soul. It is just an experiment.

And you decide how you feel. That is how the feminine energy work, the intuition.

A mother will love her child, even if the child is a criminal. The feminine is more about no judging. It is more about how your heart feels like to do.

But the masculine energy gonna help you, whenever you say 'I quit and when I say No, it is the end of story'. The masculine energy give you the way to feel secure.

Power and Nurturing work hand in hand, like mother and father.

We need both Father Sky and Mother Earth in the highest way.

But we need to forgive what has been done wrong.

When I went to Egypt, we were visiting two pyramids.

One is called the Bent Pyramid, represented the Masculine and the other is called Red pyramid, represented the Motherhood, the Feminine.

When I came out of the Bent Pyramid, I had that masculine voice in my head saying: 'Forgive the father and the fathers who came before. They may had done wrong. They may had misuse the Power but forgive them. Forgive those, who had done wrong and hurt everyone.'

I also went to the Red, Feminine Pyramid. It heals a lots of wound, which has been repressed in women and has been done wrong by masculine. But sometimes women has done wrong as well.

So we can not really say right or wrong, woman or man. It is a misuse of both Power and both Energy.

So Lemuria and Atlantis are a greater representatives how things rise and fall. But by their core, it is a beautiful pure Energy of Masculine and Feminine. It depends only on us, how we use it.

What is interesting what we are doing right now is rewriting the history. We are actually cleaning the records from Akasha. We are feeding back into the cosmic to change the deed.

For whoever reincarnated again, they wont need to do a lot of things later.

Our task is not to change the world but to do it different than before, and it is alright to make mistakes. As long as you learn from them and not repeating them.

Even on those negative energies, which has been trapped in the Pyramid, I felt a lot of anger, patriarchic energy of slavery. But they also want to be set free. They do not want to be blamed, because more blaming and hate will just keep them here.

It is about the Light, that we can say 'I forgive' and that can set those energies free and they could go back to the Source to reuse again.

Forgiveness is all we need here.

The forgiveness and the refocus can bring the higher Energy of Feminine and Masculine.

It is very interesting that you message me yesterday. I am having a strong connection with Andromeda Energy. They do not normally come down directly to Earth, they have to come through Sirius. Because Earth's frequency is not prepared to the union of the twin flame, and to have Feminine and Masculine energy in one body. Andromeda is much more about balancing the Union of Feminine and Masculine Energy.

  • It is a Union in the highest level

Yes. Union in a highest level. There are no fear of what has happened.

There are many times when people has done things wrong, but we are not gonna judge them. It is more about through leaving what has been done wrong that now we can do it differently.

It is time now to reconnect and get our conscious back. That is why we are connecting now. We are ready to have this Union.

  • It is for me, most of the time, a decision we need to make. If you will build something or you will cry over your wounds, which happened before. Because if you want to build something, you need to step over whatever happened. And sometimes, you did hurt others as well.

  • Union - for me - is when you start to build up a relationship or community around you. When you start to invest time, energy and start to put efforts into it. For example giving forgiveness, kindness and try to be a receiver to provide the ears to listen.

Exactly. It is very great time to being here on Earth to experience that change or shift. This is a very special time for both masculine and feminine. And we need to develop the higher expression from both and for that we need to work together. And I think this is very exciting.

  • Thank you so much for the interview and for all the vision you shared.

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