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The 3 stages of human existence by the scale of self-awareness : having/doing/being

While investigating the connection to our deeper Self, a new concept started to be outlined in my mind.

According to my hypothesis if people self-awareness can be seen in a scale, there are three major stations in that scale and these are the having, the doing and the being categories.

The 'having people' are the ones who centered their entire life on possession. They own things or they want to own things and their life circulates around that topic. If it can be visualized, I would say they are that kind of beings from Dante's Hell who desperately grab everything around to confirm their position in it. I believe most of these people came from abusing background, where love was replaced by material things or complete ignorance. They were either neglected by their parents who was busy to purchase and own material things or the love was expressed in material things, they got presents but not love. Therefore, those people gain things for reaching that missing love and acceptance. In a high level they are the ones who own some kind of wealth and from the desperate fear of losing it, they do everything to hold it. They show off as a mighty Man, they act like Ceasars, they shine the car to be the brightest. In the low level, they are the ones who wants to be rich in all prices, so they are marching over everyone, scratching out your eyes for two pennies. If you have more than them, they kill you out of jealousy; if you have less than them, they kill you because you could be a competition.

The common point of the 'having people' that they are cut off from their soul and they placed their center outside of themselves into material things, and therefore their unsatisfied desire provides an endless suffering for them.

The second category is the 'doing people'. In a short version, they are the best slaves in the Matrix. They work from dawn to dark and they never reach the end of their duty. These people are the ones who were born to hard worker family model, and they 'know how things works' so they took the role what was given and stepped in the never-ending Squirrel wheel. They are honest and good people. In the low level, those people follow all the trends and have boxes to tick, so they set up plans to reach those goals, and set new ones and so on. The only thing they miss is the present moment since they robot always for a future set. They follow all the standards, and they never want anything else just what is shown to them on social set. The high level is the ones with a desperate cry who awakened to the point to see the endlessness of that wheel but has either no idea how to get out of it or do not dare to jump to 'nowhere' as it is too risky, they have responsibilities for their loved ones and they prioritize safety. They have no idea how close they are to the third category because of their cry.

These group of people has a connection to the soul and that connection makes them suffer a lot, since they hear the inner voice that there could be something more outside, but they do not dare to risk it. The societal pressure is hard and they are rather on the safe side than being the one out of the mob, which can easily be a target. The fear and the necessity of safety is the dominator here.

And there comes the 'Being people'. They are the ones who understood life in a core and dare to live for each moment as it is. They humble as life taught them the hard way and they dared to make that jump. With that jump, the reconnection of their soul has been made, and the bond became so strong, that their life main source is their inner voice and their intuition. They are truly rooted to their OWN center and they live from that source. They reached the level to create, therefore they are the ones who came out with the most magical creation. We know them because what they create is speaking for itself. They manifest everything they need. They have things but without the desires and attachments. They do things out of love to serve others, without struggle. And they are... the pure source of the Divine in Human forms.

But there is a catch, as always... there are plenty of people who play the game and use masks and act like they reach that state of 'Being' by living a life of the nihilist existing on using others' sources and act without any kind of responsibilities. The jackals of the system. Be careful with them.

The real 'Being' is guided by LOVE, where heart and mind are synchronized in perfect harmony and service of the others comes first as it is the secret what holds the key to manifestation. The Karma yoga. The heart-center (Anahata) is open and they found their own unique purpose and they serve that one. And from that source The channel of Creation opens for them.

Search for those ones.

Photo source: unknown

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