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Tesla - The rejected Genius

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

"The desire that guides me in all I do is the desire to harness the forces of Nature to the service of mankind."

These are the words how Tesla described his purpose of life and despite of the lack of recognition, and all the rejections he faced, he remained truth to his words till the end, and he became the greatest inventor of all time.

The idea how to generate unlimited power was introduced in a US patent 'The Art of transmitting electrical energy through the natural medium.’

He based his thesis on the fact that the Ionosphere was sparkling with electrical energy, which could easily be trapped. He believed that Earth could be used as a conductor to harness this energy.

He expressed his interest towards the Pyramids in a believe that they were used as electromagnetic fields of the Solar System. He claimed that the locations of these ancient monuments are as important as the geometrical configuration.

Concerning ‘the elliptical orbit of the Earth, these pyramids were purposefully placed in relationship to the North and South magnetic Poles with the 4 sides representing maximum surface interception’. According to this theory the oscillations of energy, gained by the location and surface interception, was converted into usable high frequency energy.

He was working with the idea of Electric Oscillation, which became the foundation of the invention of Tesla coil and several others.

Also the investigation of the Pyramids led him to his most important discovery, the terrestrial stationary waves. This discovery proved that Earth could be used as a conductor.

It seemed that his brain did not accept limitations. He even started to work on creating methods and tools to interplanetary communication in a belief that there was a chance of the existence of the extraterrestrial intelligent life however these ideas - the three papers on rotation of the Earth's Moon - have fallen into oblivion.

He was the mind way ahead of his time. By investigating the acoustic levitation, he also touched the idea of sounds usage forming patterns, which leads to a suspicion that he may had visions of the Greatest Secret of all, the Secret of Creation. There were rumors claiming his origin from Planet Venus. Whatever was the truth, one thing was sure, his heritage will take several more decades even centuries to harness its essence.

"The day science begin to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence."

Nicola Tesla

A3, charcoal drawing


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