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Strong Women Campaign for Festival

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

I know being proud is a game of the Ego but I have to add this is my proudity, when I am holding my book in my hand. It is me, the true me, my thoughts, my life, the crystalized experience I went through, the unique vibration I brought to this world. And yes, I am proud. It is a cornerstone, a “signing-in” to be one of those people, who create their own world. And I believe it is just a starting point. My lines will be much more sophisticated, much more personal, much more crystalized, much more unique. But it is a start of something 100% of me, my offering to the World. And that is a great start. Blessed be that sacred land, which vibrates with me in total synchronicity and gives me an unexpected amount of inspiration; and blessed be its people for accepting me and giving me the opportunity to create a new life.

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