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Strong and Happy

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

While I am drawing my new picture about the strong woman and the tiger two words came to my mind. STRONG AND HAPPY.

-What do these words mean in the 3 dimensional world (Body-Mind-Spirit)?

-What is their roots?

-Can they be connected?

This task is worthy to do as each individual has a different gate to reach these words and just by visualizing it, it cleanse the route to them. So join to me.

1., First I tried to define them by their place in the three dimensional world. What does it mean being strong or happy in your body, in your mind and in your spirit.

These are my solutions:

STRONG: physical ability or force/mental state/"authentic present"

HAPPY: "high-level vibration"/state of mind/"emotion OR decision"

2., To think about their roots of existence...

Being strong for me is a result of several loops of "struggle and overcome", experience or practice of difficult situations. That is