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Updated: Feb 18, 2020

The most amazing thing in drawing that you can develop the skills to draw not only the physical level but also the energetic and the other dimensional view in it. It is the true level of creativity when you can transfer that dual or multilevel message you see

in one single pose.

I was thinking to write about symbols since I am searching to gain more understanding the symbol of serpent and its connection to basal ganglia. I believe that ancient symbols call for your unconsciousness (represent the serpent) and waken up an other dimensions. These symbols can work as a key to open the universe inside you.

When I drew the Women with the tiger I was thinking about its connection to the tarot card Strength and symbolic meanings of it; the inner power, the feminine power, control, balance, courage, compassion. The balance between the Anima and the Divine, or the interconnection and balance within human, animal and Divine.

A3, color pencil drawing

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