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Story of the Chess Queen or the Eight of Swords

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Nowadays I read the article called 'Why Flight Attendants are Committing Suicide and Nobody Cares' and it reminds me of my ten years working for one of the famous ME3 airlines. We approach December, the crucial month when the management declare policy of zero tolerance for sickness and they start to punish every single sick-report with disciplinary meetings and final warnings. Oh yes but there are open days so the newbies are ready to take over and will be grateful for the opportunity to be upgraded within months. The famous policy of 'Divide and Conquer' or the usual chess-game, manipulating figures on the table.

Imagine a chess-board where the queen is still hold under control and not allowed to shine in her own power, bombarded by demands and being totally alone and abandoned while surrounded by jealousy because she owns the so called 'dream job'; tied up and blindfolded, enclosed in a wall of swords.

Did you know that the area of ME has no female figure on the board, as they call the Queen as 'counsellor'?

Did you know that the Queen was one of the weakest pieces in the Middle Age?

The major change happened in 1475, when the Queen became the most powerful piece. What was the reason behind the change? What caused the emerge of the feminine back then?

According to Marilyn Yalom's book: Birth of the Chess Queen, it came with the rise of female monarchs in Europe, speaking about Elizabeth I., Catherin of Aragon, Isabella of Castile, Mary Tudor, Lady Jane Grey, and Countess Ermessendra of Catalonia.

I want to tell something to you (both of you, all male and female crew) who are still preparing yourself for the next 17 hours non-stop flight to the other side of the world with minimum rest and minimum layover time, or the short killer one to the neighborhood desert and preparing yourself to be abused by passengers and managers... You are not alone! We feel you and support you. Maybe our support group was shut down but thousands are behind you and encourage you to open your eyes, take off the blindfold and look around. They have no power above you! You are much more stronger than anyone else who try to use you. And never forget : You Are the Queen, the Most Powerful One in the game.

A3, pencil drawing, photo source unknown.

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