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Hold your ground it is sacred

Updated: Feb 8

Great Women in history were always opposed by the dominant power of the ruling world. Great Women were the ones who dared to stand for the truth no matter what.

Like Kathrine Switzner, who dared to participate in a Marathon running despite the fact that she was a girl and according to the ruling customs, feminine was not allowed to participate.

Like Elisabeth Eckford, the first women who attended to a desegregated high school in an area where the rules just opposed the ruling customs, and she suffered daily harassments because of it.

Or like Rose Parks, who dared to sit down in a bus after a long day working. Her biggest sin was, that according to the ruling custom of the area her color did not allow her to sit down in seat which was reserved to white ones.

These were the women who definitely listened to the men who said 'Women, learn your place!', but they did listen much deeper than they supposed to and showed those men where this place is exactly.

There was a concert announced in my place, a concert I have been waiting for a year now. The only problem was, that they played in the exact same place where I was publicly slandered by teenagers and the bar manager showed his mastery of problem solving skills by asking me to leave instead of regulating the teenagers.

So that problem delivered me a Shakespearean dilemma: To go or not to go.

I was thinking that we were living in a 21. century, where I had the right as a woman to enter public places and enjoy my night in peace without any attack. So I decided to give it a go.

Around 10 minutes into the concert, my Ginger Ale was taken away from me and the same manager ordered me to leave. I heard and used the policy of 'Denying alcohol' but 'Denying Ginger Ale' was definitely new. I am a strong believer that my authenticity is sparkling from my own inner strength and not from the Ginger Ale, which I wished to consume. Considering what happened last time, I decided to deny his request as I saw no logical ground he stood on this time either. What happened afterwards was one of a kind.

He used his job position to order the concert to stop, he came in front of my chair to make a scene. He started to shout at me using words as 'crazy, toxic, liar...etc.' and threatened me that he would use physical power against me or call the police. I was still sitting in my chair calm and disciplined waiting to see how far he would go. Calling the police was a good thing as I considered, since they could check the camera and see what he has done against me. So he left and I was waiting in my chair for the police. He attacked me three more times but the police has never showed up. The bar owner showed up instead and put him on snooze and from that moment I was in peace and I could enjoy my concert which was good.

This winter time - from the mid of August till now - brought me 15 personal attacks but that night was the very first time when I felt that people surrounded me and they did not move an inch from my side. I felt a sort of support. And I started to feel that something finally changing. Masculine physical power should not overcome free feminine expression, not even when she shows a mirror about all his insecurities.

We are living in a world where the whole masculine-feminine balance is upside down and real, authentic women expression are continuously silenced by aggressive (weak) masculinity.

But we have a chance to change. We have the option to do it better. The same option what was presented by Rose Parks, Kathrine Switzner, Elisabeth Eckford, is ours today. We do not need to follow customs what tell us to silence the one who deny the disrespect and mistreatment. We need change. All the women who were forced to stand their ground using all their masculine strength to demand respect are the same women who deserve the protection in order to stand down and be able to concentrate to work on their feminine softness. We need warriors more than ever. We need Men, who stands up for us and protect us and lead us to a safe path to give us a safe place where we are allowed to flourish our surroundings.

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