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Spiritual path and conflict avoidance

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

People are drawn to use boxes to categorize everything and everyone. The faster they giving name and box to an incident/accident or person the faster they got back to their usual behavior-path by acting exactly the way it is defined by the box.

There is a belief that if you are on your spiritual journey you have to be nice and sweet towards everyone. The box is ready for you to settle in.

But if you are nice and sweet with everyone, they will take it for granted and will use you for their own desire which will cost not only your peace but also your self-esteem. That is the behavior defined by the box and by the law of "minimal efforts for maximum benefits".

Making boundaries is a necessity and not a block in spiritual life. Drawing a line and showing the others how far they can go is self-respect.

Everything starts from self-love, when you put yourself to the first place and everyone else to the second one. It is the way to receive blessings, because it goes through you not around you. Caring for others starting from the fact that you are overflowed by the love of the universe and this is the love you can share with the ones who's approach are respectful.

Your task is to dig down and create a path for the flow, let it come to your life and let it bless you. Be open for the One above, keep the channel crystal clear and check the others intention before you let them closer to your sources.

We are living in a period of Mars retrograde when situations are slowed down and lots of unresolved problems will be surfaced again giving us a chance to solve these issues.

Conflicts are not negative things, they are just opportunities to shift the relationship to a different level, or change the path to a higher vibrational one. It is also a chance to cut through major blockage and find out hidden unsettled area which needs improvement. Use this time and use these conflicts to base your foundation for the future.

A3, marker pen drawing

photo source: unknown

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