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Source of the Ancient Wisdom

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Legends and stories speaks about the Elders; the ones assigned to the responsibility to carry the Wisdom of All.

They are the ones who see and understand. They are the ones who know how and they are the ones who deal with everything with endless patience. They are the ones who own the keys to hidden libraries.

But that rank came with a price.

They are the ones who saw a lot, went through a lot, made thousands of failures, but they kept on going.

Their pure dedication was unshakable and their unstoppable efforts led them to path nobody walked before, and lead them to doors nobody knows. Their efforts were crystalized by pressure and trials. They mastered the task of self-control and discipline and as a gift they received a glimpse from the Great Secrets of the Universe, and they became the true Keeper, the Keeper of the Ancient Wisdom.

We call them High Priest, Hierophants, Elders, the Wise Ones or simply the Powerful Minds, Keeper of the Ancient Truth of the Universe.

photo source: unknown.

A3, color pencil on black paper

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