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Source of 'hallucination'

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

While Studying ASC (Altered State of Conscious) I wondered how much of our life experiences interfere with the experiences we have during hallucination. (Under the word Hallucination I understand the ASC experience.)

Carlos Castaneda's book called The teaching of Don Juan, gives a unique description of his experiences of three different kinds of 'sacred plant'. He explained a certain kind of event-set which was completely unfamiliar to him and he could not managed to recall it from any kind of previous memory? Is that came from a completely transformed fracture of memory hidden in the unconscious or came from an other 'unknown' source? And if there is any kind of 'unknown source', how can you describe that?

There is an other theory I wish to connect to that thought.. it is the famous Saphir-Whorf hypothesis. It says that language are able to rewire our brain. It also says that the structure of our language affects the speaker's world-view and modify the way to recall information. So if we use that hypothesis and think about how the same thing can be translated to slightly different meaning just because of the language-structure we use to describe it, it leads to the theory that these language-structures are also able to alter the retrieve-stage.

So the question is, in case of psychedelics, how much two experiences differ from each other if they came from the same socialization, speaks the same language and have similar life history? If those experiences are completely different can it be assumed that there is a third source here which need to be investigated?

photo source: unknown

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