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Soulskin meditation

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

In a few moments we are going to go to a wonderful journey to discover the legend of Soulskin and inspire the creative energy inside you. So sit or lay down in a comfortable position, let your muscles rest and relax. With your eyes gently closed, take a few deep breaths.

Imagine that you can breathe out the tensions and stresses in your body... Imagine that you can breath in the beautiful energy all around you... Let each breath take you deeper and deeper into a beautiful state of relaxation. Now relax all your muscles. Let any outside noises or distractions only deepen your level even more. Imagine or visualize or feel a beautiful light above your head. You can choose the color of the light. This light will deepen your level and heal your body. Let the light flow down, from above to below, like a beautiful wave of light, touching every cell, and every organ in your body with peace and love and healing... Now, imagine or feel the light completely surrounding the outside of your body as well, as if you were wrapped in a beautiful bubble or cocoon of light. This protects you, heals your skin, and deepens your level even more...

In this wonderful state of peace, imagine yourself in a beautiful island surrounded by turquoise water. You can see the shells through it. The sand is white and warm under your feet and there are giant cliffs interspersed around. When you walk in the warm sand you hear a beautiful song sang by a woman. You go to find the source. You go close to a large cliff, hide behind and watch. You see that a young girl dancing and singing. She dances freely like an angel and her voice fulfills the sky. She notices you and invites you to join. You accept the invitation and go closer to her. She wants to show you something special. She guides you to the other edge of the cliff and puts her hand into a deep hole. She takes out something leather with a shiny surface. She unfolds it and steps into it like a trousers. The leather surrounds her body like a new skin and her whole body transform to selkie. She jumps down from the cliff and dives deep into the Sea. She comes back and you see her playfully swimming around you and jumps over your head. She swims like a dance and she makes great distance in seconds. She dives down to the deep and jumps up to the stars like there is no boundaries and no limitations. She plays with the shells and small fishes dance around her. She sings and dances and all the creatures of the Sea worship her and play with her. She swims back to the cliff and put her hands into the hole again. She takes out an other leather material with a shiny surface and she offers it to you. You take it. You feel and touch the selkie surface and step into it. You feel the immediate connection and your body feels a sort of energy coming up from your toes to the top of your head. You feel an urgent call to jump to the Sea and during the jump your whole body transforms. When you reach the Sea surface you dive into the deep in perfect freedom and dive deeper and deeper into the million treasures and creatures of the underworld. You see the several different shapes and colors, fishes and creatures of every kind. They are all around you, surround you and play with you. And you dance. You turn upside down and after up again, and sideway and all direction. You swim fast, faster than ever and you jump out high, make triple turn and jump back to dive to the deep again. The Selkie woman arrives back to you and guides you back to the cliff. She gently settles down on the top of the cliff, sings to the sky and takes off the selkie dress and puts it back to the hole. She looks at you and she touches your mouth gently with her finger to show you that it is your secret. You know where to find your other skin. You can come and take it anytime you wish. A3, marker pen drawing

photo source: unknown

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