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Some thoughts about Matrix and the Jungian Quaternity

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Matrix is a kind of movie, which speaks in symbolical language and gives extra meaning with each re-watch.

It is one of the best description of the Hero's Journey and there are several studies published about that. I would like to give a brave trial to write about just one segment of it, and I would like to leave it open for progression.

Jung gave us deep studies about hermetic philosophy and the Philosopher stone. He stated that the Stone symbolize wholeness, same as the Mandala.

'Reduce your stone to the four elements, rectify and combine them into one, and you will have the whole magistery.' Tractatus Aurelius

My idea is to find quaternities and Jungian symbols in the movie.

LAPIS means the round stone, which unites the four elements: Water, Air, Earth and Fire.

I found two opposing pairs here:

If Architect represents the Mind above All ('All is Mind' - Kybellion) - Logic, counting and balancing the equation; Masculine principle, Animus The Sun, The Father, Apollo;

the Oracle represents the Heart, Intuition, unbalancing the equation, Feminine principle, Anima, The Mother, Luna, The Moon.