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Some thoughts about Alchemy

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

With my greatest admiration towards Alchemy I have to admit that the more I research, the more complicated it gets till I reach the point I feel totally unable to express my tiny insight of it. Yet I give it a try since lately I had an inspiring discussion about the topic, which triggered me to share that little piece of mine, which I discovered through the last couple of years from Maria Szepes, Jung, Paracelsus, Goethe, Newton, Terence McKenny etc.

Alchemy as per my understanding through how Jung described it, is the Doctrine of Arcana. In that meaning Arcana is the Essence, which holds Health, Wealth and Power in its possession. It means Arcana is the Quinta Essentia - the fifth element - the Spirit of Truth. This is the essence which turns the metal to gold, and also it is the Elixir of Life. It is a living being, it is a the Spirit of the Universe.

However it exists in the Universe in 'Saturnian' (impure) form, which needs to be purified.

While this essence in one hand was searched in the outside World, it also considers a so called "participation Mystique' elements, which makes the researcher involved, which means that the purification process also become an individualization process.

Jung referred it to the Myths of Creation. In the Beginning everything was One, and it was Darkness. And the greatest and highest purpose was hidden inside the Darkest bottom of the Unconsciousness.

In the seed, the life is still One and it has everything, including the fire, which holds life. In that meaning Darkness gives birth to Light.

The aim of Alchemy is to create that 'Lumen Nature' - Natural light by subtract the light-bringer (also called Lucifer) from the Stem Material.

Alchemy in this meaning consists of the separation of the Chaos (Prima Materia) to an active and a passive part and the conjunction, which is the Alchemical Marriage.

That is connected to the Correspondence Law or Opus Alchemicum (As Above so Below) and it states that the Alchemical Marriage can not be done without the completion of the circle. The Earth can not ascend till the Sky does not descend.