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Solar Plexus on Power

I have been working a lot with the Solar Plexus in the last few months, especially with the “power” motive and its quality. For a very long time I believed that power is wrong. I saw and experienced different types of power-abuse so I blocked myself from expressing it.

I played with it instead. When I was leading my team in that famous double decker aircraft, very often it happened that the upstairs crew did not meet with the downstairs crew during the flight so we could hardly remember the faces of the other half of the team. Once I had a funny experience when in a layover one of our crew could not recognize me neither as his senior nor as his crew and started to flirt with me in the hotel lobby by telling me stories about he being a prince in the Arab land. I went with his game and entertained myself in silence since I knew next day I would be in charge of his performance. He soon realized his mistake right during my briefing. I provided the general info and my usual expectations only and left the issue out. For the rest of the flight I got the hardest worker crew in him watching over everything without rest. I was laughing and I was proud of myself that I showed that expressing power is not necessary in order to reach positive result.

However, Jung once said that any content is integrated only when it becomes aware of its two faces. Here comes the Paradox.

When I changed my life-style and in hoping for peace and quiet I settled down in a village-set, I continued the same method - no show off just stay silence - let them show themselves and when they figure out the truth, we will laugh together. The problem was that they did not figure out anything. As time passed the rude comments turned to harrassments, which developed to abuse and just like Lucifer effect I found myself under severe nonstop prolong attacks which started to demolish my mental health.

The lesson came when I figured out that back than the only way I was able to play the game was that my position as a leader was based on a strong power foundation of the company. I actually expressed power since I wore my uniform.

This lesson took me 5 years to learn and to realize that power is neither good nor bad. It depends on how they use it. Is it used as a tool, a weapon or an aim?

Solar Plexus is a founding chakra, if it is blocked your personal power is inactive and can not flow through.

Two question remains:

Do you allow to your real Self to step out in full power? And Are you using your power as a tool for serving others?

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