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If I could speak about all the parts of the world I saw, I would tell you that life is hard but beautiful.

I would tell you that there are places with full of colors, noise, smells and joy. There are places where people live their life a bit different than you and me, may they have less than you and me but they are still happy because they can live freely and they enjoy life together with their loved ones in peace and harmony. It does not mean they do not have problems, it means they face with them daily and solve them. They serve each other, they love each other, and they give their best. And they live fully for each moment they have.

But I would also tell stories about places like this, how they were turned upside down by someone else's greed and how power was used to rule out and isolate all the love and harmony by planting seeds of fear and division by using words in a special way to manipulate and bind others' will.

I would tell you because I have seen it and I see that is happening again. But if I dare to tell you, I will be silenced.... again...

I would tell you instead that words has power. I would tell you that words can be used for creation. I would tell you that the big secret which is used against you is in your possession as well.

I would tell you instead that you are able to create your own reality by using your own words.

There is a 'correct way' to use words, a sacred way, which based on respect and love, and which serves free will. There is a way how imagination can be activated and creation can be manifested and this present was given to us long long time ago in a wonderful garden when God created us to his own image.

What I really want to tell you is to remember, and understand that it is in your hand as well. We need you as a Dreamer, as a Storyteller, as a Healer, as a Magician, as a Seer, as an Artist. We need you now, better than ever to step up and use all what you have, use your imagination to dream and create together a better world, because this is the right time, and all our future depends on...

Dream and imagine a world with freedom and colors, beauty, and love, and call it alive. Together. Magnify it together. Manifest it together. We have the heart to override it if we stand together.

Before it would be to late. Before we get silenced...

A3, marker pen drawing, Source: Wallupnet

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