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Siddhartha or the danger of the Spiritual Ego

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Siddhartha is the masterpiece of Herman Hesse. This is the book influenced by Buddhist and Hinduist heritage. It speaks about a trip to Spiritual Enlightenment using the Buddhist path. He explains wonderfully the difference between Brahman and Atman by the way the word ‘OM’ has changed the importance in his life. He describes a metamorphosis of the senses, how his hearing changes by listening to his inner voice or to the CALL and how he sees things and people around him.

But it also speaks about the arrogance we could get on this path, which is one of the biggest EGO traps. ‘Intellect is a wonderful Servant but a terrible Master’ – they said, and it calls for alarm through this book.

Siddhartha never ever suffered in anything by force. He got the best family, the best education, the best surroundings, and he decided from his own, to turn his back and choose suffering. Nobody raped him, nobody abused him, nobody outcast him. He made suffering for himself for the one reason to show off in front of others.

I believe women has a totally different path in enlightenment than man. Wayne Dyer once spoke about that differences. We are living in a Patriarchal system where men have the upper hand. They are born to have the voice and the power. Their enlightenment path is to learn to control that power and learn humbleness. While women are born to be serving and with little voice. Our path to recall that power and start to use our voice again.

Siddhartha’s world is described from his point of view, and the way, how he speaks about women is triggering. The path of enlightenment missing the major source of love and he never understands the greatest teaching of all. He calls it enlightenments but in real he became completely alone in the forest loving rocks instead of humans as nobody wants to be with him.

He acts like Buddha, and he believes that he is Buddha but in fact he is just a big Ego who is so utterly alone that in the end he is forced to listen what the river says. And a river is laughing on him, cause the great love - what was showing to him by WOMEN, but he denied - got back to him as a KARMA hitting back and being denied by his own son, from the source of the WOMAN he did not manage to love.