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Short note about Jung's study of the Anima and mother figure and their connection to religion

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Jung spoke in deep details about the archetypes and explained their importance in the individuation process.

There is no individuation process without integrating opposites into each other by dissolving paradoxes. Jung also mentions that the whole Universe based on paradox therefore life gets created when these opposing forces interacting with each other and giving birth to the 'Anthropos' - a higher level existence by a sacred integration.

These interactions are conflict sources, which gives the opportunity for reorganizing the already existing system and integrating the new 'opponent' part in a higher level.

The Mother Figure integration and acceptance is a root problem in personal development. But this integration is more complicated for a man.

Since women need to understand their own basic operation, it is an introspective process while for a man, the whole 'mother' substance is an alien which only exists outside, only in their unconscious as archetypical pictures.

Anima is described as the numinous force which modifies everything it touches. It is also described as the Serpent or Snake or Magician, the Inner Feminine part of the Male personality.

While Mother Figure is described on one side as the emphatic mother-love, the basic care, on the other side it is the untamable nature, the wild, uncontrolled instinct -the 'snake' character, the conflicting or rebirthing force.

In order to gain control over these uncontrollable instincts, religions, which are based on Patriarchy, denied and rejected the Divinity from the Feminine figure and downgraded it to a simple mother function, glorifying the mother's reproductive organs but rejecting the Untamable Nature, and their true Spirit. They reduced the Feminine figure to a simple Matera without the Divinity.

The integration of the mother figure from the Male point of view therefore can lead into two different paths. On one hand it can be partially rejected and downgraded to a Matera without Spirit, which we can see in all Patriarchal system.

On the other hand, it can call for a greater integration in this alchemical fire, and in case of full acceptance of the uncontrollable, Untamable Mother Nature, it can be an opportunity for a rebirth of the Divine Masculine.

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