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My darling, that is an old story, there is nothing new in it. The story about a girl who arrives to a village with full of love and gifts. But the pigs come and sexually harass her, and the jealous women come and assault her. They even assault her friends just to break her in. And because she rejects all of them, they try to destroy her reputation by spreading rumors about her to tell everyone how ugly, crazy she is. The same Old story about hatred, jealousy and a very very sick mind.

But darling, it is also a story about HER, how she comes out of the shadow and starts to stand in her full brilliant light to show everyone that SHE IS A WOMAN. SHE STANDS. SHE STANDS IN HER PUREST LIGHTS. And her lights will be the leading light for all the other girls to stand and shine.

And for that, she is grateful for the village to push her out to shine.

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