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Searching for the Missing Link

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Let's talk about the origin of life from the hypothetical point of view that there is an evolution which started to improve the brain-cells and led to a complex system able to speak, think about abstracts, understand future and past, able to plan and design etc. Here we are... still society has grown together with the development and created their own new problems.

The idea of Planet of Apes - came from the novel written by Pierre Boulle in 1963 and adapted to film first by Arthur P. Jacobs in 1968 - was always rewarding topic which brings up several questions and can be used to illustrate today's problems. In that meaning Tim Burton's version has not different either.

We can speak about the forever debate environment vs biology or the sociology questions how Lucifer effect got created, thorough the actual political program, money vs. health and ethics and its limitations... questions which are all important to think about.

And after all.. if we stay with the idea of evolution what is the next step waiting for us? What is the next/missing link...

(previous notes from Jul 2017.)

A3 size, color pencil drawing

photo source: Planet of Apes movies scene

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