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In Frank Herbert's book called Dune, there was a spiritual female leader among the Fremens called Sayyadina, who was pure, committed and had great vision and skills. Frank Herbert went into great details to explain a ceremony how a Sayyadina becoming a Reverend Mother (the Highest Priestess). The initiation which she has to go through is the alchemical process of the Magnum Opus. During the ceremony, a special poison was given to her to drink, and she had to transmute it inside her body, and change the elements of the poison into healing remedy to be able to offer it to the people of her community. It was a deadly poison but also the greatest healing remedy if the transformation was successful. The agony she went through was a true test of her becoming the highest priestess, which endangered her life as well.

There are very few of us who dare to face the dark and transmute the essence of it. They say Saint Grail was hidden for a reason. The skills of changing the energetic vibration of a phenomena by breaking the pattern and using that dark essence and transforming it into pearl is the highest quality on planet Earth. And the most needed one as well.

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