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Save the Folklore

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Do you remember the tales your grandmother was telling you at night before you fell asleep? A kind of tale which has animals in it with human qualities, or just a little boy or a girl, who decided to travel around the world to try their luck and bring back the goods for the family? Do you remember them?

These tales have ancient values and they are teaching you about courage and connection to the deeper meaning of life. These are the ones which triggers your imagination to discover a world beyond the surface. And these are the ones which holds the pure essence and values of our human heritage.

Every nation has a unique tradition to save the ancient values throughout generations. It is passing through by whispering into ears, dancing and singing, playing music, using symbolical dresses and objects, playing out roleplays or acting in any other way.

It is the root of the definition of culture. Since than we have lots of other culture, like politics, society norms etc, but this one, the folklore is the one connected to our history and therefore connected to our evolution.

Time has come when it is an urgent call to stand up for protecting these heritage. When centralization threatening the locals, it is our duty to stand for our own.

If there is a need to bring back the colour of our lives it is when it is forced to be silent.

Fear is the biggest enemy against humanity. It blocks not only your natural response to events, but also blocks the immune system and force you to step back to basic survival levels. It does not matter who threw the threat and on what base.

The only thing what matters more than ever now is to sing those songs, play that music, tell those tales, dance those traditional dances, because that tradition has healing property and has all the values to thrive.

A3, marker pen drawing

photo source: Nat Geo - Girl from Bretagne

This drawing is dedicated to Pascal from Whistlestop Shop

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