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Sacred Woman's Rage

I want to speak about the religions first, how they ran off the right path for political influence, and financial support. I want to speak about all the ideas how they denied the Divine Power from women and slaved us from our True Nature.

Women are powerful beings. It is Mother Nature, who gives life and takes life as well. Both Goddess of Life and Death. Do you remember Lilith? Do you remember Shakti? Are they weak, silent, obeying creatures? Are they???

Or Do they have the voice to rage and stand when the whole gender is raped.

No I am not speaking about the toxic feminine, and I would like to draw a straight line to show the difference. Toxic feminines are the ones who are the prostitutes of the Patriarchy. They use their manipulation games to reach higher position for ego, greed and selfish purposes and they are not afraid to destroy anyone on their way even if it is woman, child or man.


The REAL woman‘s rage is SACRED. It has a purpose, it has an aim, it has a direction, it has a sacred mission to achieve. It is not here to gain or abuse power. It is here to create BALANCE, to fight against INJUSTICE and to stand up for all the women who forgot their real, true nature on the way by serving Patriarchy and believing its lie that feminine is weak.

Divine Feminine is powerful. It is the creating force of the whole Planet. But to reach the true, pure basis of that Sacred Energy Source, you need to be pure as well. No manipulation, no power-game, no uncontrolled emotional outrage.

Just Sacred, Aimed, Holy Fire of Restoration.

Blessed Be.

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