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Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Immediate connection is exist. There are certain stimulus, a color, a smell, a sense of knowing or that kind of 'we met before' or 'I saw that before' or 'I was here before'. It can be a place, a person, a subject or anything. A kinda 'dejavu' but in a longer lasting time-frame.

That is the kind of connection I experienced when I first saw Rembrandt's paintings. The selection of colors, the deepness of the colors, the vibration of it, the strokes, the rhythm of the strokes, the line-guiding or just all of it together hit me with sparks like a lightening.

I decided to do his masterpiece, the Night Watch cause how else can you connect deeper to someone than stepping into his footprints.

I did not see the real Night Watch when I started to draw it and I remember the moment when years later I had the opportunity to see it in Rijksmuseum. My legs were stuck in the floor when I turned to the main hall and caught sight of it. I felt I knew this picture better than anyone around, every single millimeter of it.

I spent 9 months with that piece of art, couple of hours daily and lots of marker pens, while drawing on the floor what is not the most comfortable posture by the way. (And in that point I wonder how Michelangelo did Sistine Chapel.)

But every time I got deeper in the drawing I felt this remarkable Universe surrounded me with colors I have not seen before.

Today my masterpiece finally arrived to my new home in its new classic frame. How does it feel? Proud? Happy? Grateful? Connected? All in one I suppose.

My home is really a home now and by each steps, everything is falling into its own place. It is the place for deep talks, for healing, for cheering, for drawing, for living. Everything has arrived.

#Rembrandt #masterpiece #fallintoplace #gettingready #artandcolours

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