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Religions, Rituals and the Philosopher Stone

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

Long time back when I was 9 years old, I had a terrible car accident which resulted in 5 days in Coma. I came back with the message that Love is the most important think in the whole existence. My mum wanted to help and she did her best and she assigned me into a Christian church. That journey took almost 10 years and left me deeply traumatized with a feeling that I am a sinner, God is a far away reality from me, obviously a Male and he will never ever accept me to the Heaven as I am, just only if I obey his servants (the priests) and follow all their instructions.

It was very hard to jump out to nothing, and give up an ideology I based my life on but something was not right. All I wanted is to go back to that Love I felt back then.

A long research has followed that jump and I had the utmost privilege to experience some of the religions deeper. I am not an expert, and I will never be. But I wish to share my understanding as far. It is only mine but it exists as a fractal of the truth as all the others. Here is my version:

Long time back there was a Philosopher Stone shining brilliant into the Universe. The Stone was the Key to the way back to OUR TRUE HOME.

Human was created and with it, greedy and power-sickness arrived, which leaded to war. The Stone was exploded to thousands of pieces. Most of the pieces were grabbed by the religions and all of them claimed that they are the only holder of that Sacred Key and therefore they used their power to force people to obey them. They dictated war against each other, they killed children and abused women cursed them by a so called 'original sin'.

Those religious leaders understood one main ingredients of the human psyche that the unconscious part needs to be dealt with. They created their rituals for their own benefits and they implemented a part in it suggested that you do not have the capability to find that Key without them.

But behind all of that there was some Divine Secret about that ancient explosion. Millions of small fractals were hidden away from those greedy leaders and all of us has gotten one.

The genius plan concretized in the process of the remaking of that Key by your own effort. The stone after all was well hidden from all the greedy hands inside your heart. And by respecting your body as your own Temple and using all the experiences to find the pieces of the puzzles, you in all meaning would find a way to get back to HOME.

The how is only yours. The ritual is only yours. It is your Body, your Temple and your experience. It is your DNA and your most unique brilliant spark. Your task is to wake it up and shine... Shine Brilliant as you destined to be since YOU ARE PERFECT AS YOU ARE. So please go ahead and use your vibrant, unique energy and create HEAVEN in this Earth. You have everything what you need to do so.

#alchemy #religions #Divinepurpose

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