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Red Lion

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

There are only few special kind of people, called Masters, who acquired a certain high level wisdom, while they live the simplest life among us and never seek for attention. I would love to say with all respect that she is/was my Master although I did not have chance to know her in person. To tell you the truth I met her only through her books after she had already passed to a different realm. But somehow through her books it is like she is sitting next to me and teaching me by answering all the questions I have, and all the doubts occur in me.

There are only few books, which can be cornerstone in a lifetime but the Red Lion was definitely the one for me. I read not once but several times and I still re-read it time to time. It was no surprise when I heard that it had been blacklisted and ordered to destroy.

She is the one who opened the door to the hermetic philosophy for me and who opened my mind to other dimensions. She is the one who always gives me the challenge to think more, to question deeper, to go forward, to reach higher.... Even when I decided to draw her. There is no color picture remained from her younger ages. So challenge was accepted and I did what I could to imagine colors and shades. Here is it, my tribute to Maria Szepes (1908-2007). A3, marker pen drawing #hermeticphilosophy #szepesmaria #mariaszepes #vorosoroszlan #redlion

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