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Updated: Jul 10, 2020

If the last couple of months in separateness brought something to our attention, it was the hidden cracks of the Society.

While all of us wants to have abundance and peaceful ambiance for our children, we still have to face the extreme amount of hatred, which is aimed to the diversity of any kind.

When a person can not get out of his/her house to reach the destination without being insulted during the way, it does not matter what kind of diversity was the reason for the attack, what matters is the insult happened because of it.

People getting insulted because of race, gender, nationality, sexual orientation or even just because of their opinion or the way they live their life.

If there was a lesson in the current crisis, it was to show us how far and how forcefully we go just to push our opinion down to the others' throat; how much our emotions and anger can override our intellect and drive us to attack innocents.

We are still in the crisis. But even if we feel overwhelmed with all the information and emotions, we have something much more powerful.

It is the will. It is the Free Will to choose how to act, and how to react for certain happenings.

We have the choice in each exact moment to turn the tide and say 'that practice stops with me, I am not participating or bringing forward the fear, or hate. But I stand strong against the wind with courage and love and I stand for the ones left behind.’

Meghan Markel's life is one of the greatest example how our society deals or tries to humiliate diversity and she is also the greatest example to show how not to fight back with anger, but instead stand up with courage and love and be the first one to be the change. And this resilience she shows, is the grate foundation to build a better Society.

'I know sometimes people say: "How many times do we need to rebuild?"

Well, you know what? We are going to rebuild and rebuild and rebuild until it is rebuilt.

Because when the foundation is broken, so are we.'

Meghan Markel

A3, charcoal drawing

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