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Quality requires differentiation

Once my friend warned me saying 'you do not give Luis Vuitton to immature people because they will go to the field and collect donkey poops in it.'

It turned out she was right. In order to have quality in someone, she or he needs to go through a painful differentiation procedure (also called 'qualification), and major part of the population rather avoids pain and remains stagnant in the mass.

It is just like sculpturing. That granite tomb is just a tomb, dumb and deaf. In order to become Venus, it needs to take the chisel out and sculpture it. First the big blocks need to be removed which restrict the major figure, after the unnecessary parts need to be cut off, which help the figure forming a base, and just after the hard work will start inch by inch, going into details forming each and every part of it, and at the end putting the masterpiece on it, by giving its sophisticated and unique style.

You can not expect from a cemented stone to be a fine piece of art, they are rather tearing up the delicate piece of drapery if some subtle material gets close to them.

And sometimes when you start with the chisel, it turns out that it is not a granite tomb, it is just a simple stoned donkey poop crumbling from the first touch and messing up everything.

So please, listen to the warning next time, and spare that Luis Vuitton to the ones who sees and understands differentiation, who has already (been) sculptured and knows how to handle treasure / (pressure).

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