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Have you ever thought about the purpose of your life? Why did you come to this Earth? For what reason? Do you really think that it fulfilled by marching on the squirrel wheel?

There is a theory about the meaning of existence, which says all of us arrive on Earth with a special purpose, which only you can fulfill.

I truly believe in it and more. I believe that you stepped into to this earthly existence with a special vibration code, which only you have, and you received it together in a package with 'Free Will' which allows you to take it or waste it.

So, if you are clever enough you take most of your effort to figure out the uniqueness of that vibration and the way how to put it in the best use.

There is a special word for it in japanese: IKIGAI, and as all japenese words, there is more meaning into it than just one single explenation. Ikigai is sitting in the crossing of your passion, your mission, your profession and your vocation. It says that your purpose is the real calling, which connects your heart, your mind and all your experience you have collected as far.

It is much more than surviving. It says you are on the right path when you finally leave behind the mud-fighters, and all the pigs, who pushing each other down just to get higher in the competition.

It is when you turn your attention towards what you really love, what you really admire and give that one a go. That is when you step on the narrow road, or when you get that machete and start to cut your own path through the jungle. That is when the real existence starts, when the 'Power of Creation' (alias God) aligns, and you start not only existing but creating your own world.

It was never said it would be easy. It is exactly the opposite. Most of the time your deepest call is the hardest one because it requires you to stand naked in front of your own self and see through all your failures, desires, mistakes and hopes in the mirror of your values. It requires you to jump out of nothing and follow your intuition and trust that the same One who planted the seed in your heart will also plant the next step ahead of you. Most of the time, you wont even see it, you just need to believe it will be there when you arrive there.

Because it does not matter how many people stand in your way, if you do something with pure intention and love from your deepest calling, there is no weapon on Earth, what could stop you.

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