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Protection vs. Integration

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Personal and Moral development is a fascinating topic around people who search the meaning of life. The question 'How far human can reach?' always brings curious minds together.

The 'seeker' who got tired of the squirrel-wheel, figures the way out of the Matrix. According to Kolberg it is named 'Post-Conventional Stage'. It starts with questioning the norms, and instead of blindly following them, a desire awakens to check behind the veil.

But it is just the beginning. It opens the door to a brand-new world with multiply perspectives. It walks you to the top of a mountain and show you around. As your research deepens, you meet thousands different ideas, theories, motives, drives till you reach the point where your fixed one-central-focused Self is in danger of explosion.

The choice is yours: return back to normal or integrate; blue or red pill.

If you chose integration, you are one step closer to the dangerous line the 'normies' call 'crazy', because you try to consider multiple perspectives without taking any side in it. That will leave you without ground, no reference line, no place to rest. The Self is expanding but has not find the new 'home' yet.

It is the land of Chaos with closed doors. Other people with a fixed-one-point-perspective will attack you, all your unresolved trauma will trick you and you will be kept here till you find the key and the map to go forward.

Does it right to fight back if all perspectives are acceptable including theirs? Does it right to protect and build walls if your aim is integrating everything without any border?

How to be a loving person if you want to hit back hard? How to integrate the whole without the dark side?

Questions which lead you to a painful metamorphosis. It is to awaken a new way of understanding, empathy and patience. It is the point when Eros meets Agape, and the new heart has been born.

This is the establishment for a new home. And when it has been down, a narrow road will be set to invite your Self to start the most sacred journey of all, its descend to the new pure heart, where all creations begin.

photo source: unknown

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