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Prince with the legacy of Diana

What does it take to live an authentic life?

What does it take to be authentic?

What does it take to be a real man?

In short version: Find your own purpose and dare to go for it.

It sounds easy. Or not?

To find and define your purpose you have to know

who you are;

what is real value for you, and

if you dare to pay the price for it.

It still sounds too easy. I try to put it in context.

For example you were born in an extremely high class family with a clear plan for your whole life already placed. The positive side is that you have a safe life ahead of you, where you have one task only to do whatever is expected from you.

Yes, it is so tempting that 99% of the people would die for it. It is easy, you do not need to think too much, there are plenty people doing that for you.

But what if you want to truly find out who you are and what you are capable of on your own? Sadly not so much people think about these questions if the luxury is given. Less than 1%.

Sometimes It needs a tragedy in someone life to start thinking about the real meaning of existence. This search leads you to question everything and forces you to find your own answers. When you find your own answers, you will find your call, which urge you to make a decision to leave everything behind and go for it.

This is the next dividing line. Even from that less than 1%, half of them give it up cause they rather turn back to safety than take the effort to fight for their newly discovered true identity. Because this is the hard test. It requires you to step up and be clear with your own true values against the whole system and take the risk to jump out of the safety net without any insurance of safe landing.

Does it sound still easy?

That 'DARE TO GO' is the real price for being a real HUMAN BEING. And this is the margin where THE LIFE starts out of the safety zone.

That is your own volunteer sacrifice you do, when you take responsibility for all the consequences and you step out of the mess and start shining in your own unique light.

That is also a life where you start creating your own dimension. This is the starting line of anything and everything you could imagine. Because that is what life about.

No, it is not gonna be easy after the test either, and you will make mistakes as well. But it will be worthy. Because it will be speaking about you and your creation and your offering to the world.

This post is dedicated to Prince Harry, who had the courage and compassion to choose the path less travelled and dared to jump out from the safety net.

A3, color pencil drawing

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